Worlds Will End...

The World Breaker Saga is now complete!

Hey Hero,

It’s been a long road, eh?

The Mirror Empire dropped in 2014, with Empire Ascendant coming soon after in 2015. Due to some contractual nonsense we weren’t able to sign a contract for the third and final book in the Worldbreaker Saga - The Broken Heavens - until early 2016.

Then there was that whole election thing, a three month period of mostly drunkenness, 90,000 words of a book that was… just not very good, and a commitment to change gears and finish some other stuff before I tackled this very beefy final book in a complex fantasy epic with a LOT of moving parts.

There were some dark days. More than once, I considered just paying back the advance and running away to the woods.

But I persevered. My agent kicked my ass and made me rewrite the book twice. My editor made me rewrite the first half yet again.

And we shipped the fucking thing.

Star Magic | Sentient Plants | Parallel Universes

Today, you can complete the trilogy, or binge read all three at once!


Here’s how I fucking feel right now:

It’s been a wild journey, full of slings and arrows. Creating shit that isn’t the same as other shit and doesn’t take the easy way out takes a lot of time and brain work, especially when the world is quickly changing around you.

Thanks to all of you for your support, well-wishes and patience! I do hope you enjoy the final volume in my first completed epic.

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As we charge forward into the raging 20’s, I’m glad to have you all here along for the ride. After all, the only way to change the future is to ensure that we’re here to shape it, right? Let’s go!